Would you take newts to site to stop housing?

It would not be the first time I have heard objectors to a scheme ‘imposing’ some ecological value to a site to prevent development. However, reports in the Telegraph suggest that Great Crested Newts have been brought onto potential development sites in a bid to hold up or prevent development.restoration_ecology_cartoon_color

Property developer, Lord Borwick made claims during a debate in the Lords. He claimed protesters were bringing newts to site to establish colonies that would prevent, or at the very least hold up new housing schemes.


“It’s a well-known trick and the effect is to delay the construction of badly needed housing.”

Lord Borwick

Lord Borwick

Borwick mentioned many developers he knew who had encountered the problems associated with newts and suspected this was a growing problem.  The cost of dealing with newts can be excessive.  One suggestion from Borwick, a director of Countryside Properties Plc, would be to review the protection afforded to Great Crested Newts.  Most planners and developers have long known that there are no shortage of newts in the UK.  It is in fact European legislation that provides the current protection. This will obviously be up for review following Brexit.





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