The Queen’s Speech and Housing

So what has the Queen’s speech done for the delivery of housing over the next two parliaments? I thought it might be helpful to summarise the main points…with help from Planning Resource.

Building ‘..more of the right homes, in the right places…’ seems to be the main thread to take from the speech. This obviously stems from the recent White Paper.  The main themes being:

• release more land for homes where people want to live;
• build the homes we need faster;
• get more people building homes;
• support people who need help now

Cutler’s View, Sheffield. Built by the ‘People’s Republic of Sheffield’….

So nothing entirely new there! It will be interesting to see how the Government will actively deal with affordability.  Previously, the theme has been to increase supply and let the market deal with affordability.  Most housing commentators might think this will do little to address the main problem.  Instead encouraging Councils to get building again would probably be the most welcome news – if it had come from the speech.  There was however, the promise of legislation to come to…

“free up more land for new homes in the right places, speed up build-out by encouraging modern methods of construction and diversify who builds homes in the country”.

In the briefing note released alongside the speech, the government talk about transparency and fairness for leaseholders. The recent debate in the press the problems faced by leasehold purchasers was always going to be an easy target. Especially when leasehold apparently made up 43% of all new build registrations as recently as 2015.

So, what has the Queen’s speech done for housing? It may have been a lot to ask for a radical programme of measures from this minority Government.  However, the answer for now has to be ‘not a lot so far……’

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